• 76% of consumers seek conservative investments
  • 63% of consumers are focused on asset protection versus growth
  • Social Security will replace only 16% of the income of married couples earning $50,000-$100,000 and only 9.5% of married couples earning $100,000+
  • 1 in 20 Americans is financially prepared to retire at age 65
  • 25% of employees who qualify for 401(k) plans DO NOT contribute
  • 47% of households are not covered by either a defined benefit or defined contribution plan
  • Retirees must plan for their money to last 35 years or more                       You will earn a fortune but from this fortune you will…Establish and support your lifestyle…daily household expenses, living expenses.Purchase major items…cars, homes, businesses, lands.

    Invest…in stocks, bonds, metals, business ventures.

    You may also find yourself…

    Supporting family members…children, elderly parents, relatives.

    Supporting charitable causes…church, universities, care of the poor.

    Your income and assets are vital for all you want to do. Most successful people want to be able to devote energy and resources to activities beyond their work.

    Your plans for the future might include…

    Traveling for pleasure.

    Turning over control of the business to the next generation.

    Devoting more time to family, friends, social causes RETIREMENT

    The money you will need to support your future will come from money set aside

    during your productive years, “sent ahead” with interest, for use at a later time.