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ABIDAN INSURANCE, provides the opportunity to create individual wealth through its Fortune Builder products. These products consist of special living-benefit life insurance policies which build large cash values that earn tax-deferred interest. These products are designed to provide financial, medical and educational funds, or create a lifetime retirement income.

Eliminate Debt

Today many are desiring to get and keep their insurance policies but their is one thing that stands in the way…debt! studies have shown that people who address the problem debt keep their insurance policies and are able to build more wealth. ABIDAN INSURANCE provides an avenue for our customers to be able to reduce and eliminate debt so they can benefit for having insurance products.

Invest in Education

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist today to figure out that many people are not investing in education on the front end so they end up in student loan debt on the back end. One of our most popular services is the benefit of offering families college preparation and scholarships through the partnerships to our agency. Ask about our college and career planning benefits.