Our Approach

We help people understand the value of having insurance. The insurance industry in the United States of America is one of the largest industries in the world. For an example, if Microsoft, Ford Motor Company, IBM, and General Motors were all combined into one gigantic industrial company , its asset base would not equal the asset base of the single largest life insurance company in America.

Our Story

Our founder is the son of parents who always impressed upon him the need to invest in avenues that produce wealth. His mother was a huge proponent of insurance and his father was a business owner who invested in various franchises. When his mother died she left him with a foundation to build wealth and this motivated him to help others to do the same. Today ABIDAN INSURANCE stands as a testimony of what his parents taught him.

Meet the Team

Deciding to purchase insurance can be a very challenging options for many people so our team has been trained to take the time to patiently inform you of your options.

Anthony Weeks

Founder & CEO

Native of Columbia, South Carolina. He is the founder of the agency and the force behind making sure that families are properly informed about the need to build wealth. He loves assisting families with understanding how insurance can also help them pay for college. Anthony is a graduate of Florida A & M University.

Marvin Smith

Vice President

Mr. Smith is a native of Swansea, South Carolina. He is very passionate about the need to show families how to build strong legacies and communities through wealth building. Marvin is a graduate of Allen University.

Antonio Pointer

Management Officer

Mr. Pointer is a native of Petersburg, Virginia. He help other insurance agents with showing families how to maximize the many services that are offered by the ABIDAN Agency. Antonio is a graduate of Virginia State University.

George Devane

Compliance Officer

George is from Wilmington NC. He makes sure that everyone stays in line with the regulations of the insurance industry and other areas. George is a graduate of North Carolina A & T University,


“Each year individuals and families are registering for new insurance products to create that extra wealth of security for their families.”